About Me

Hello. I’m Al Masum Fahim from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a full stack developer specializing in .Net ecosystem, NodeJS and React. Before that, I used to work at a startup company as a backend developer. I have achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

During my student life, I’ve invested with my time in numerous events and competitions and have a plethora of achievements. I’ve won National Hackathon conjointly Telenor Digital winner competition in (Bangladesh) regional category and was a challenger within the world championship.

When I’m not at the office or not doing any work, I browse books/blogs mainly on technology related stuff. I additionally loved to write blogs on the different technology stack. Besides whenever it is doable I travel to the countryside as it refreshes my mind a lot. I also work on the frontend, mostly on Angular and React hence a number of projects are used by various people. These days, I offer assistance on SEO for numerous websites. Don't believe me? Why don't you Google my name?